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 2 Ways Royal
 3 Way Action
 Ace Bonus
 Ace Faces
 Aces And Eight
 Ace Invader
 Acey Deuce
 All Aces
 All American
 Anything Wild
 Big E
 Black Jack
 Bonus Deluxe
 Bonus Deuces
 Bonus Plus
 Bonus Seven
 Deuces Wild
 Draw 6
 Deuces And Joker Wild
 Double Aces And Faces
 Double Bonuses Deuces Wild
 Double Day
 Double Double Aces
 Double Double Bonus
 Double Draw Aces
 Double Joker Poker
 Double Pay Poker
 Five Aces
 Five Deck Frenzy
 Five Deck Poker
 Full House Bonus Poker
 Going Fours
 Jackpot Deuces
 Jacks Better
 Jacks Better Bonus
 Jacks Better Double Bonus
 Joker Wild
 Joker Wild Aces
 Joker Wild Two Pair
 Loose Deuces
 Louisiana Double
 Max Out Poker
 Mega Jacks
 Mega Poker
 Money Fever
 Mystery Bonus
 Nevada Bonus
 One Eyed Jacks
 One Time Pay Aces
 Pick Five
 Pickem Poker
 Royal Aces
 Royal Aces Progressive
 Sevens Wild
 Sneak Peak
 Super Aces Bonus
 Super Double Double Bonus
 Super Double Bonus
 Super Deuces Wild
 Super Jackpot
 Super Times Pay
 Super Triple Bonus
 Tens Better
 Texas Hold Video Poker
 Triple Bonus
 Triple Double Bonus
 White Hot Aces

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All Video Poker Games

As a huge fan of playing online slots and poker it was only natural that when I discovered video poker it would be a game I would very likely enjoy, and that very much proved to be the case. Hence this website! My initial aim with the web site is to provide information on as many different types of video poker games as possible and over time I will keep updating all the video poker games pages with more info, screen shots and photos, strategy and playing tips! Some of them are quiet rare and researching them can take time, although fun.

Since Video poker hit the online casino world it but has gained more popularity than many more established games. There are several reasons behind it, read our why video poker article for details.

Playing Video Poker

I first started out playing the most commonly found online video poker games found at a casino online, Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. These are the most well known video poker games in both land based casinos and online casinos. A lot of other casino video poker games are variations of these 2 most popular types. So if you learn how to play these types of video poker your well set for many of the other variations.

As an online slots player I like variation and the hundreds of different types of slot games available to choose from to play. After playing the standard video poker games for a while I then started trying all the other variations available at each of the online casinos I played at. Such games were Aces and Faces, Deuces and Joker Wild, Joker Poker and All American.

Some games are very similar, basically the same game play but with different payout amounts for the usual hands. Some variations also have extra hands offering there own added payout's.

One of the reasons I was such a big fan of poker is the strategy of the play. I loved learning how to play all the hands and scenarios I would find myself in. Of course in that type of poker game, strategy is extremely important, as generally the better players are the ones that win.

Video poker is similar in that you need to be aware of the strategy for playing when making your choices of which cards to hold and draw again etc. However, the casino has the edge, so there isn't a video poker game you can actually beat using specific strategy, not online anyway. There are in fact players of land based casinos who have worked out strategy for playing and beating some video poker games. In general, whether the games can be beat or not they provide great entertainment and of course many of them offer large jackpots if you get for example a Royal Flush. Of course, the prospect of winning a jackpot is always exciting as would be getting a Royal Flush!

The strategy for any of the video poker games is of course still very important as it means you'll be keeping the casinos edge to a minimum. Therefore your money will last longer.

Online Video Poker

I played all the video poker games available online at the different online casino software types that I use, those being Microgaming, Vegas Technology (Or OddsOn as some people refer to it), PlayTech, Cryptologic and Real Time Gaming. There are others that as far as I know offer less variations, that as of yet I haven't tried. Some of the software types have unique progressive video poker games, for example SupaJax is by Microgaming and only available on Microgaming powered online casinos.

One good aspect about playing online video poker is the multi hand versions enabling the player to play multiple hands at the same time. In some instances up to 100 hands at a time. I personally would usually play 1 hand or 4, 5 or sometimes 10 hands a time.

Finding Video Poker Games

I then decided to research to find out if there were other types of video poker games that aren't currently available online. Fortunately, and with some help from some friends I managed to find a wide range of poker games. Many are very rare and any information on them was difficult to find, especially as regards tips and strategy. In time I hope to get alot more pictures and info on many of these games to illustrate them. Some of them may even be available online one day as video poker seemingly becomes ever more popular.

If you have any information you can provide on a certain type of video poker game or can give permission for use of any photos or pictures please do contact us as we would be pleased to consider adding them to the site.

If you are interested in playing but don't want to risk losing or for that matter winning any money then we recommend this site for video poker. Games are no download and can be played within your browser.

One of the best ways to practice Video Poker and to learn strategy is by playing Free Video Poker

I play video poker pretty much every week. Sometimes I'll have a go at other casino and poker games, but before long I'm back to some form of video poker.

If you fancy a change and something a little more relaxing why not try playing online bingo.

If you searching for casinos online from the Euro Zone why don't you try Euro Casinos for a great selection of places to play online in Euros.





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